USLIMS-III Configuration for UltraScan-III:

The UltraScan-III software is designed to work in conjunction with a MySQL database system, the USLIMS-III system. Since every user has his or her own instance and authenticates separately to the database, UltraScan needs to be informed which database to connect to and as what user. This information needs to be configured inside of UltraScan. Below the required steps are explained to help you get UltraScan-III up and running with the USLIMS-III database support.

  1. Request a new USLIMS-III instance for your institution, if you do not have an instance set up already. To check if your institution already has a database instance installed, please review this list. If you already have an instance set up for your institution you should skip this step.
  2. Create an account on your institution's LIMS-III system. To create an account, please click on Login, then navigate to New Users, and click on Sign up for a new account.
  3. After signing up, you will be sent an e-mail with a confirmation code. Click on the confirmation code and verify that you can log into your account.
  4. Inside of USLIMS-III, every user can have a different role. This roles are assigned by superusers of your facility account. If you plan to use UltraScan-III with your database account, your userlevel will need to be elevated to '2'. If you do not have a supervisor for your USLIMS installation you can contact us for assistance.
  5. Once your userlevel has been adjusted, you can log into your LIMS-III account and you should see a new link appear called Database Login Info. This link will show all required credentials which need to be configured in UltraScan-III
  6. Open UltraScan-III and select Edit:Preferences:Database Preferences:Change
  7. Transfer the contents of the web page to the fields in the dialog that now is on the screen
  8. One everything has been transferred, click on Test Database Connectivity, and if successful, click on Save Entry to complete the configuration.